Beside the publishing and support of your music we are also able to offer a wide range of merchandise.

Tour Merch:

We support you on the road. You’ve got a tour planned and you are not sure if everything fits in the van? We are sending all your merchandise around the globe where you need it at, also we are able to take back the leftovers and put it in a shop.

Stock Merch:

You got your structures running and are selling your own stuff already and you need to refill stockings? We provide a high quality range of garments and fast production of your demanded goods. We also offer fullfillment and full service merchandise if you do not have your own shop.

On Demand Merch:

You don’t want to invest too much in stock merch and have a bunch of designs in mind or a stoned buddy who scribbles your shit and you think he’s killing it? Then it is propably the best to use our full service on demand suply chain. Unlimited possibilities without any regrets. You can use our mastershop or multichannel solution or we have a chat and set up a shop for you or connect the one already in use.